Our mission is to bring a safe learn-to-skate experience to skaters
and inspire a life-long love of skating.

Skater Academy is an on-skates educational resource for individuals who want to learn-to-skate without the fear of falling. We believe that easy understandable instruction makes learning more fun. .  


Do you spend hours searching and watching YouTube on how to skate? 

Save time with Skater Academy! All our videos are short, precise, and straight to the point. Follow Skater Academy curriculum with 24/7 access to step-by-step videos via a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • No more searching YouTube
  • No more feeling frustrated
  • No more watching endless, time consuming videos

“We are the only online program that teaches via Zoom with access to over 80 videos to help you learn and build on skills week to week."

3 Tips to help you have a better learn-to-skate experience !

Afraid of falling? 

Skater Academy is the only online skating course available!

Included in the course is a syllabus that outlines when, how, and what skills to learn weekly.

Along with the syllabus, you will gain access to videos that break down the mechanics of each skill, making them easier to learn

  • Short instructional videos
  • Obstacle courses that implement previously learned skills
  • Off-skate warm-up videos
  • On-skate warm-up videos
  • Skill videos
  • Drill videos
  • Archived videos
  • Skater Academy Facebook Group
Jerica Martin

I learned to skate as soon as I could walk. I have logged thousands of rink hours, over many years of skating, competing in figure, freestyle, dance, Hockey, Roller derby, and speed skating. I've been a skating coach for 20+ years and realized I wanted to reach a wider audience.

I started Skater Academy to help those who want to learn-to-skate but don’t have access to a coach or instructor. As your virtual skating coach, it is my greatest desire and strength to help you have a safe learn-to-skate experience 

It is my duty to help my clients become comfortable on their skates and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. 

What Others Say


Jerica breaks down every single component into easy, manageable, step-by-step directions. She then threads them together seamlessly and shows you the completed technique. The multiple week breakdown provides even the most seasoned skater with ways to improve on their skating skills.

Kristin Kriegbaum

 / Skater


I've been taking lesson with Jerica for several months and I'm still having a blast! I've learned that skating is both mental and physical and she really believes in a positive mindset and trusting in yourself and your body to reach your goals. She is a really great, fun and experienced teacher. I highly recommend her!

Jennifer Robinson 

/ Skater


11 months ago, I had never heard of roller derby, and signed up for my league's learn-to-skate program never having stood on roller skates and never having played any sport. I was slow picking up the skills and stumbled upon your videos while I was looking for descriptions of how to break the skills up further. I love the descriptions of the body mechanics and edging, details that are hard to pick up just from a demonstration.

Kelly Timmons

/ Skater

Anyone can learn to skate with Skater Academy!

You can do this! Your current skill level does not matter. Whether you are a newbie who can barely stay upright or have been at it for awhile, this program is for YOU! Skaters of all levels have used this program and experienced breakthroughs in their skating.