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I learned to skate as soon as I could walk. As a World Speed Skater Gold Medalist, and World Cup Roller Derby Gold Medalist I have logged thousands of rink hours, over many years of skating, competing in figure, freestyle, dance, Hockey, Roller Derby, and Speed Skating. I've been a skating coach/instructor for almost three decades and realized I wanted to reach a wider audience.

I started Skater Academy to help those who want to learn-to-skate but don’t have access to a coach or instructor. As your virtual skating instructor, it is my greatest desire and strength to help you have a safe and supportive learn-to-skate experience.

It is my duty to help my clients become comfortable on their skates and achieve the goals they have set for themselves all while inspiring a life long love of skating.

If you’re looking for a self-reflective, highly skilled, and easy-to-understand instructor, you’ve found the right one. Every lesson with her is enlightening and helps you feel more confident. Personally, I find the way she uses weight distribution to explain footwork as practical and easy to grasp.

Rebecca Hulse / Skater 

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I am a mother of six children, I am also a grandmother. I taught each one of my children to skate as soon as they started walking. One is never too young or too old to learn how to skate. 

I have coached several Roller Derby leagues and our local speed skating team for almost three decades 

I have a special talent of being able to see what is holding you back in a skill by watching your form and giving you feedback by either noticing where your weight distribution is and how to adjust it or whether or not your skates need to be adjusted for you. I love to see people get "AHA" moments when they figure out the skill they have been struggling with. 

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As a World Speed Skater and World Cup Roller Derby Gold Medalist and Instructor. I can help you advance quicker and safer than learning on your own. Plus, being a mother of six I understand the importance of time management and needing short precise instruction in the midst of multiple distractions.

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Jerica is a very experienced and skilled skater and trainer! The skills that she has taught me have helped me greatly improve my skating skills and derby strategy overall. I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn from her!

Malorie Mae / Skater 

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