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For busy women and moms ready to learn how to roller skate safely and confidently without the overwhelm, frustration, guesswork or fear...

  start your learn-to-skate experience in just 10 minutes a day with Skater Academy so you can advance quicker and safer than

learning on your own and ignite your passion

You CAN learn to skate in just 10 minutes a day   let me show you how

Here's what I know:

The traditional model of learning to roller skate is to find a local roller rink and then spend several hours a week with an instructor, try to remember what they told you and then find time to practice, practice, practice.  

But if you’re anything like most women I've spoken to this model is time consuming.  In an attempt to take matters into your own hands maybe you’ve experienced one (or all!) of the following:

  • Watched endless hours of how to YouTube videos in an effort to piece together all the skills you need to learn yet you're feeling no further ahead in your development
  • Found a beginner skating group on social media yet it seems like everyone in there knows as much as you do and the main focus tends to be on what people are wearing, what type of skates, equipment or gear
  • Confusion about which skills you really should be learning (and in which order)
  • Have already fallen and potentially injured yourself
  • You're ready to give up

As a roller skating instructor,  

I see your struggle. 

However, did you know there is actually an easier way for you to learn to skate safely and with confidence?   

Imagine if you could ....

  • safely learn the basics through a step-by-step approach to bypass the overwhelm of knowing "which skill do I need to learn first" 
  • confidently work alongside other, passionate women who are looking to build and improve their skating skills and support each other
  • easily build upon skills to help build confidence and transition from skill-to-skill to become a better skater faster with our results-based approach 
  • quickly have more fun learning  

Without ...

  • spending hours watching YouTube videos
  • doing it all on your own
  • filtering through all the misinformation and advice from other beginner skaters who seem to be more focused on fashion than form and function
  • injuring yourself, falling or having one too many near misses

This (and so much more) is possible for you ...  


the Skater Academy

four-week learn-to-skate program

Quickly jumpstart your learning and get rolling faster in just 10 minutes a day whether you're new to skating or an experienced skater

 Unlike other skating programs for beginner skaters that don't have virtual instruction (via facebook messenger chat), support and feedback , Skater Academy's four week learn-to-skate program holds your hand and provides you with real-time and personalized instruction and support 



Sound good to you!? 

here's a glimpse of what you can expect inside Skater Academy:


Follow a curriculum that is broken down week-by-week for 4 weeks and builds on the previous week's instructions for optimal learning.

02 Over 50 Skill & Warm-up Videos

Safely learn the basics of skating before transitioning to advanced skills with over 50 videos.


Participate in a weekly individual scheduled instructional facebook messenger video chat with exclusive access to the Skater Academy Facebook group. 

PLUS when you enroll in the Skater Academy learn-to-skate program

before March 31st at midnight MDT, you also get these amazing bonuses...

bonus 01 


a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your most effective results with weekly progress goals and tips to help you stay on track .

bonus 02 


Challenge yourself with three obstacle course maps plus "how-to" videos of each course, making implementing the skills more fun.

The moment you join, you get instant access to the program, workbooks, worksheets, bonuses and Facebook community, plus all the updates I throw in when the platform shifts gears on anything.  In fact, we recently added fresh new content highlighting the newest skills and drills to help you skate with ease. You won’t find this inside information anywhere else.

Whether you've tried other programs before, I promise that if you join us inside Skater Academy and put in the work, everything you want to change on the outside will change - plus the inside too! 

here's just some of what other students had to say ...

Rebecca Hulse


"If you’re looking for a self-reflective, highly skilled, and easy-to-understand instructor, you’ve found the right one. Every lesson with her is enlightening and helps you feel more confident. Personally, I find the way she uses weight distribution to explain footwork as practical and easy to grasp."

Leslie Lohmiller


"Looking to take skate lessons from someone enthusiastic, positive, motivating, and has an immense joy for the art of skating? Someone with so much knowledge and insight that they can tell by the sound your wheels make upon hitting the floor whether or not you have executed a jump correctly? You are definitely looking for Jerica. Jerica is not only a champion skater, but a champion of a coach.

An innate teacher, she can immediately assess your skating abilities and can break down and explain skating techniques into easy to understand and accomplish pieces. She has a love for working with beginning skaters, but she is also amazing with intermediate and advanced skaters from the young to the young at heart (like me). As one of her students, I have started to accomplish things on skates I would not have thought I would have had the confidence to achieve without her."

Melissa Okpokwasili


"Learned skills become fluid! Each video breaks down the skill to be learned in a step-by-step tutorial and builds upon the next video. The learned skill becomes fluid because I am able to break down the skill according to the videos and I'm really responding."

sound good?

So, how much does it cost?

when you join the program TODAY, you'll unlock your membership link to:

  • My  4-week learn to skate program (value $3,800) 
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the Skater Academy Community with Instructor Jerica Martin  (value: $5,400)
  • The Skater Academy Success RoadMap (value: $1,500)
  • Self-Confidence  (value: priceless)

So are you ready for a massive improvement in your skating?

If so, let’s do this.

You can get started TODAY for:

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One Payment


SAVE $200.00 off the original price of $1200.00 

when you pay in full 

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Six Payments


Get started in the program with a $200.00 deposit. After you make the deposit, you will receive an invoice for $200.00 every month for the next five months. 

No matter which payment plan you choose, you'll get instant access to the program, workbooks, worksheets, bonuses and Facebook community!

Here is my personal guarantee if you join us in Skater Academy....

You might be thinking, "all this sounds great, but, what if I get access to the program and it's just not right for me?"

Because I believe in my system 100%, I'm willing to offer a money-back guarantee.

If you find the program just isn't for you, simply get in touch within 14 calendar days of your purchase and I will refund your money.*terms apply

Though I'm pretty sure once you dive into the program material and join our Facebook community, you won't want to leave.  The money you invest in Skater Academy could literally change your learn-to-skate experience. So, be sure to give yourself a chance to succeed.

why learn to skate from me?

I learned to skate as soon as I could walk. As a World Speed Skater Gold Medalist, and World Cup Roller Derby Gold Medalist I have logged thousands of rink hours, with many years of skating, competing in figure, freestyle, dance, Hockey, Roller Derby, and Speed Skating.  I've been a skating coach/instructor for almost three decades. 

I have a knowledge and insight to be able to access your skating abilities, break down and explain skating techniques to make it easier for you to understand.  As your virtual skating instructor, it is my greatest desire and strength to help you have a safe and supportive learn-to-skate experience.


I got you

Q: Will this system work for me?

If you put in the dedication, set aside the time to execute and commit to the following steps yes! it's what I use to teach my students that I meet with in person Also don't forget to read the testimonials about me and my program if you're unsure.

Q: Can I work at my own pace?

Absolutely, I do encourage you to find an accountability partner to help you stay focused, but if you decide to work at your own pace for whatever reason, you get lifetime access to the materials, including any updates that are made to the program.  You also have unlimited access to our Facebook support community.

Q: How much is it and how can I pay?

As part of the special introductory rate, you can make one payment of $1,000.00 or six (6) payments of $200 for a total of $1,200.00 if financed. I accept Paypal for both single payments and installment plans. 

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! from the day you purchase, you will have 14 calendar days to decide if the program is a fit for you. If it's not, just get in touch before the end of your trial period for a full refund.

Q: When will I have access to the course?

You'll have immediate access to the course and members only Facebook group.

Q: How long do I have to make a decision?

This round of Skater Academy is available for purchase until March 31st 2023

Still not sure if Skater Academy is for you?

Skater Academy IS for you, if you are ...

  • Excited to learn-to-skate safely
  • Passionate about becoming a better skater
  • Willing to put in the work to make your skating dreams come true 
  • Interested in having me hold your hand and show you step by step how to skate
  • Ready to excel your learn-to-skate experience

Skater Academy IS NOT for you,  if you are.....

  • Afraid that you can't learn to skate from someone instructing you via video and facebook messenger chat.
  • Skeptical that you can't have a safe learn-to-skate experience
  • Afraid to take a risk and learn to skate 
  • Not willing to invest in yourself
  • Unable to manage your time and cannot commit to learning and implementing

So now you have a choice:

You can totally pass on this program and keep wondering how exactly you will ever reach your skating goals.

You can waffle for a few hours or a few days and maybe miss your opportunity entirely because you didn't take action.

OR you can commit to investing in yourself now and JOIN US

When you take decisive action, it instantly builds self-confidence.  You may even notice that releasing your death grip on a mindset of fear will actually flush a few of your skills into overdrive.

I'm just saying, don't be surprised if your new found skills make you feel accomplished!

So are you ready for a massive improvement in your skating?

If so, let’s do this.

You can get started TODAY for:

best savings


One Payment


SAVE $200.00 off the original price of $1200.00 

when you pay in full 

best value


Six Payments


Get started in the program with a $200.00 deposit. After you make the deposit, you will receive an invoice for $200.00 every month for the next five months. 

Still have questions?